Home Invasion

The computer ding signaled an incoming message. He hesitated, the cursor hovering over the preview. Something felt wrong about the subject line, malformed text or the kerning was off, he couldn’t tell. He furrowed his brow and decided to investigate, clicking on the message. Before he could read it, dozens of new messages popped up, covering his screen. The messages continued to arrive, flooding his computer. He reached for the power cord, but knew it was too late: the energy beings had found him and were already inside his apartment, invited by himself when he opened the first message.


After swimming among the clouds on a sparkling vernal day, I came upon a fish in the sky and asked him for directions back to the surface of this low-gravity planet. The fish ignored me at first, perhaps mistaking me for an outlander. I reiterated my request, this time employing a more native inflection, which seemed to startle the fish. 

“Apologies to you and to the seventh ring of your cousins,” said the fish. “What is my obligation?”

“Only to direct me to the nearest downdraft that I might quit these lofty heights,” I said. “No further obligation required.”

“In that case, you may wish to follow the prevailing winds to the other side of those cumulus clouds.” The fish flippered in a direction counter to the planet’s rotation. “Just over the ridge.”

Before I could properly thank the fish, he dove into the nearest cloud bank, while I continued on my journey to return to the surface. After all, I had passage on the next interstellar transport and still needed time to pack my meager belongings. 


I am inclined to view your latest proposal with an eye toward the recent events in Trafalgar; the unexpected response of the gathered crowd, and the subsequent violent clashes with the authorities. While we will take into consideration your claim of alien abduction along with the odd flashes of light reported in the sky that evening when determining the length and severity of your sentencing. After all, it isn’t every day when a time travel agent accidentally vaporizes a dozen pigeons without a permit. No, indeed.

The Princess Valiant Incident

The survivors kept to themselves preferring the company of those who’ve seen the aliens. Not that there were any aliens, mind you, but some were convinced of their existence, and that they themselves had witnessed them. Among them were a group of survivors from the cruise line attack. At least, it is presumed there was an attack, likely by a group of pirates who boarded the ship late one night and abducted the majority of the crew and passengers leaving eight adults and three children inextricably behind with a fantastic and unbelievable tale to tell.

Garden Girl

The girl grew from a seed in a garden in the backyard. She preferred the shade of the old oak tree and sometimes wilted in the sun. The couple enjoyed their garden girl and named her Pricilla. The couple had to be careful not to overwater her and keep her away from weeds, but mostly they loved Pricilla and didn’t mind her rooty aroma.