Sodium Chloride

The salt encrusted skull rattled around in the trunk of his car. Too fast. Can’t slow down. He pressed on stepping harder on the gas pedal. Time wasn’t just of the essence, in this case, time was indeed everything.

She’d met her demise on a stormy night after boating all day. Too far out to beat the sudden squalls, she struggled for hours against the waves and wind only to succumb as her dinghy crashed into the reef a mere dozen feet from shore. Now, on the eve of Resurrection Day, her spirit sought to reanimate the old bones once more. That is, if he could return her skull to the exact location where she died.


Confound it, she’s done it again. Just a glance, mind you, but my mind is all a-swirl again. Not that you should be too surprised. As I’ve said before, she is lovely. I know you keep asking for a better description, but every time I set my mind to composing the appropriate words, I never get beyond ‘lovely’. Words just don’t do here justice. You’ll need to see her sometime. I’ll have to arrange for the two of you to meet, then you’ll know what I mean.

woman reading on the seashore

To Tap or Not To Tap

The surface of the glass reflects his fingers as he reaches out to tap her name from his contact list. In his mind, he composes the message he’ll write, compliments to show how much he cares, how much she means to him, how he can’t go on without her, fate, destiny, and the spiral sucks him down, collapsing the words into chaos. Still he hesitates, a finger of Damocles hovering over a technological precipice.

Home Late

“I’m home.”

She looked up from her book at the sound of the door slam and his usual entrance announcement.

“Hey, sorry. Traffic.” She bit her lip to keep from saying the thoughts that went through her mind, like: how could you? and: sorry makes up for being three hours late and not telling me?

As he clomped through the living room on his way to the kitchen, she drew a deep breath as if she might divine the essence of where he’d been, who he’d been with. All she detected was the odor of beer.

“Anything to eat? I’m starved.” He opened the fridge and rummaged around while she fumed.


Her tourmaline eyes devoured his attention, captivated his heart, and gave him a glimpse of his tortured future dedicated to seeking her in others. His future arrived soon enough, or too soon, depending on your point of view, when she stepped into a shadow and, in a flurry of feathers, a raven appeared in her place.