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Many things in life are acquired tastes. Cigars, for example, which I can’t imagine I’ll ever even try, or insects as food. Just can’t get past the whole wiggly six legs thing. Whiskey is another bit of testimony as to my underdeveloped pallet. Go ahead and include caviar on the list. Some of these tastes, along with others—I grew up in an era when liver and onions were foisted upon us as health food—but there is one delicacy that I’ve never had any inclination in trying: the dreaded lutefisk. Fish soaked in lye until it is as clear as jello? Thanks, but I’ll pass.

Chicago Isn’t Pizza, It’s Popcorn

Many people ascribe ‘the best’ to Chicago when describing pizza; deservedly so. However, pizza is everywhere, deep-dish, thin and crispy, and everywhere in between. I submit that pizza is too common, that what sets Chicago apart is actually popcorn. Specifically, Garrett’s caramel covered popcorn. You can’t find anything quite like it anywhere else. You can get gourmet popcorn everywhere, much like pizza, but the popcorn at Garrett popcorn shops is delightful to hold as well as to eat. While you can get boxed caramel popcorn, you can’t even begin to get close to incredible flavor you get from Garrett.

Pretty Sure

Pretty sure the Earth is flat. I fell off the edge the other day. Wasn’t paying attention, stepped aside to let someone walking a dog get passed me, and boom I ended up in this weird void. I could look up and see the underside of the world, with all the plumbing exposed, pipes going in all directions. Fortunately for me, I floated close enough to one of these pipes to grab on and pull myself back to the topside. So weird. Not sure how I got there, but boy am I glad I got back! That underside place is just wrong.