The House

It wasn’t the house, with its odd creaky floors and strange angles, hidden rooms, outdated wallpaper, and weird smells. As much as the family members wanted to blame their disfunction on some all-powerful external force, like a malevolent dwelling, the truth of the matter is that they all stopped caring a long time ago, their momentum carrying them over the edge of the abyss and into a downward spiral. They would never recover, not even when they attempted to excise the demons from the house. The resulting conflagration destroyed their house, leaving them bereft of shelter and possessions. To be fair, there were no demons. Well, maybe there was one, but a minor demon you could hardly characterize as a demon, a demi-semi-demon perhaps, but not one that contributed much to the family woes. After all, with the destruction of the house, the little demon was also set adrift in the world, an untethered spirit with no hope of fitting into a new home, although not for lack of trying.