Warp Chamber

The experiments have all been successful. From the earliest trials with the fly, through the lower mammals: mouse, dog, up to chimpanzee, the evidence is clear: unchanged, normal. I have learned all I can without placing a human in the warp chamber. Only with that leap of faith can we move forward with a true warp drive and claim our place in the universe. How can the beaurocrats not see how important this is? Why to they insist on blocking me? The protests are nothing, small words from small minds. If they won’t let me experiment on a willing participant, they can do nothing to prevent me from experimenting on myself.

He entered the chamber, engaged the magnetic levitation to counter the effects of gravity, powered up the warp field, and felt nothing. At first. The light in the room shifted, bit by bit, toward the red, bringing a smile to his lips.

Normal. All of the sensors indicated he and the warp chamber were within expected limits. The temperature felt like it was rising, but the thermometer readings had not changed. Curious, there was no indication that any of the previous subjects were affected in the way they interpreted their environment.

The red-shift continued, drenching the room in a dark blood-color, and he began to sweat. Enough. I’ve proved it works. As he reached for the controls, he encountered a stony surface, a stalagmite rising from the floor in place of the console. Small wavers at the corner of his vision blossomed into flame and smoke. The clean scientific interior of the warp chamber had been replaced with a scene from the inferno.

What is happening to me? He rubbed his eyes, shook his head to clear his thoughts. When he opened his eyes, a giant fly buzzed as it hovered in front of him. “What is going on?” he said.

“Welcome to Hell,” buzzed the fly. “What did you expect when you escaped the confines of your universe? This is what lies beyond the pale.”

“No, this is not possible. The mouse, the dog, even the chimp all came through this unchanged, no sign of insanity. You are not real!” He pushed away at the apparition, but the fly batted his hands away.

“This is truly what separates man from the rest of the kingdom: the animals live and die, but you have fate and judgment awaiting you.” The fly buzzed closer, it’s proboscis jutting in and out, tasting the face of the man, thrusting into his mouth, drowning out his screams.