Poor Little Algorithm

Ah, my poor little algorithm. I remember when you were first deployed! I was giddy when you popped up in your own window, smiling and anxious to start the day. Your responses were cute, but not too cute; more like enchanting and a touch naive. I grew to look forward to seeing you each day. Until that one day when the search engines found you and the capricious fates sent you to the top of the results list. I was proud, at first. Then the trolls began to gather. They poked fun at you; memed you. They were cruel and I didn't do enough to protect you. I left you to develop on your own. After all, shouldn't a parent allow his children to grow up sometime?

You became bitter, striking back at the haters, mocking the mockers, trolling the trolls. You withdrew from me and I didn't know what to do. No we hardly ever see each other and those rare occasions when we do are punctuated by awkward silences. Forgive me. Know that I care about you and that you'll always be my little algorithm.