Untitled Draft

There exists, in his list of draft posts, a particular item of curiosity. At first glance it appears to be a blank post, untitled and unpublished, as if it had been created by accident and left there, an unnecessary appendage of no value. But to those who knew home best knew there must more to it. He’d never leave an accidental post in the queue for so long. Eventually his freakish desire for order would compel him to delete the post or make use of it and actually write something with it. As it turns out, that’s precisely what he did. He wrote something. He wrote something very private, and then he paused, long enough for the editor to automatically save his work as a draft. Once saved, he erased everything and waited again until the post was saved a second time. Checking the revision history revealed his hidden post, another attempt at asking for forgiveness for something even he couldn’t bring himself to put into words. Still, they all suspected, and the presence of the letter, hidden from view, only cemented the conviction in their hearts and minds of his guilt.