Of Course

How do you keep a secret from yourself?

Direct Messaging (pronounced dee-emd or dimmed or even dammed) changed pretty much everything. No one went to school any more. All you had to do was to put on the DM cap, confirm credit transaction for the information you wanted, and the knowledge was directly implanted in your brain. The whole process takes about a minute to learn the equivalent of an entry level college course. For common information like geometry the cost came down to a few credits, less than an hour of minimum wage income. Some course, civics for example, were state sponsored and were essentially free, if a mandatory indoctrinal course could be said to be free. Depends on your point of view I guess. 

Learn a new language? Easy. But why bother unless you were planning to travel to a foreign country. Besides, people had so little need for language any more. Communication was direct: thought transference came across as more of an image, a memory, no need for interpretation. If you needed to know something, cap goes on, info gets dumped. Have an implant? A bit pricey, but many find the funds to get the procedure done. No need to even wear the cap. 

So much has changed since DM. No one talks and more. Why bother. It’s too inefficient. Information iteself now passed as the coin of the realm. Need food? Think up a new idea, file for a copyright, put it out on the market place, and watch the credits roll in. Innovative thinkers became kings. Conformity was the same as unemployment. Weird dreams, collections of sounds, raw data of people’s behavior, extreme sensations; those were best sellers, and the more bizarre the better.