Parent Teacher Conference

Mrs. Johnson, thank you for meeting with me today. As you know, I have some concerns about your little Johnny. Yesterday, whilst we were visiting the Old School. It’s a module in our history of the 21st century. You wouldn’t believe some of the things they did back then. All the children in a room together, all those germs and infections. It’s a wonder any of them survived it, frankly. Anyway, we entered the computer lab. Remember those from the history vids? Desks again, and each one had a box, a computer, and on the box was a monitor, an actual physical display. Get this, they each had a physical keyboard. Qwerty, if you can believe it. Just imagine. So to get to the point, Johnny reaches out and picks up a mouse, one of those input devices? I didn’t even know the sim allowed for that kind of interaction. So Johnny picks up the mouse, and all of a sudden he starts looking pale, and his avatar wobbles a bit, and then he flips off his vid feed. Poor dear starts retching. I can hear it. The whole class can hear it. He forgot to mute his audio. This type of  physical reaction is rare, but it might indicate an underlying allergic condition to digital environments. We’re all very concerned about Johnny and think you should send him to a specialist for an evaluation. I know it’s a bit of a shock; please don’t cry. I’m sure he’ll be alright.