Crustaceans from Alpha Centauri

Saturn lost its rings today. I know because I saw it happen. The rest of the world won’t know about it for another 79 minutes or so; that’s because what I saw was a vision. True, but a vision nonetheless.

You’d think seeing things no one else does, like my visions, or the random hallucinations of animated kitchen ware, might be disturbing. Turns out, I fancy them. Who wouldn’t want to see random hand patterns slapping out the beat of a song on the radio, or small black stones marking a path I should follow? The colors I’ve seen I can’t express. You’ll have to take my word for it. It is an awesome experience.

So anyway, I’m not sure why Saturn lost its rings, but it may have something to do with the small black hole that was deposited in orbit around the gas giant by our neighbors in Alpha Centauri. I’ve seen them before, but most of the time the crustaceans had been content to send messages to us telepathically or stir up a few sea creatures to encroach on the shoreline. The weird behavior never seemed to be permanent or very dangerous, except for that presidential election thing. They admitted it was a mistake but what can you do? What’s done is yesterday. Tomorrow is the important day. They ought to be in orbit above Earth by then. I wonder what they’ll drop in our orbit.

I’m sure going to miss my visions though. They colors are amazing. Trust me.


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