Heart Job

The magnetic zipper ran the length of his breastplate, separating the sternum and on down through his abdomen. Waving the monopole magnet over the zipper caused it to release. The hinged ribcage allowed for easy access to the lungs and heart. As dirty as the lungs were from the soot and ash, they continued to function within normal parameters; the heart, not so much. The enhanced pump struggled to push blood throughout his body, and without a replacement, the best he could do would be to patch the existing cardio-pump as best he could, or remove it and make do with a temporary. The included battery pack might last a week. The patch job could last for a month, or it could give out at any moment, a blown tire on the highway resulting in a fiery crash. Well, he hadn’t gotten this far playing it safe, which would be the temporary, so he chose to patch the four-chambered organ and zip himself closed. He had work to do, given his reduced life-expectancy or not.