The Alien Feeds

The alien moved into the neighborhood last night. At least eighty feet tall, thin, like a tree, but with exposed metal ribs for support. Its feet drilled into the ground, rooting it in place. At the top, the one grotesque arm, the same angry red-metal ribs, a short end with a huge building mass, the other end extending out even farther that its height. Along the length of the arm, suspended in the ribbing, a cage rolled, with huge claws as big as a man. The cage dropped, crashing into the ground, connected by a metal sinew to the arm above. The claws bit deep, deeper, and burrowed the cage beneath the earth. The alien gave a whistling cry and the sinew retracted the cage back up to the arm. The cage withdrew to a spot directly above the metal lattice body, disgorged its contents. Within a few minutes, the alien gave off a low ominous rumble and then ejected a large cloud of debris from the top of the structure, scattering dirt and rocks for hundreds of feet in all directions. After a slight pause, the process repeated itself. Twice an hour the alien fed on whatever it extracted from underground. Twice an hour it collected, digested, and excreted.

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