Dog, Smarter than Pig

Life on the farm was simple for Pig, even though Pig was actually a sheep. Pig was not sure why the farmer named him Pig, but he did not mind. Pig slept with the other sheep, grazed with the other sheep, and followed Dog, the leader goat, when Dog had some place they were all supposed to go. Pig thought Dog was smart. None of the other sheep were smart. Farmer was smart to put Dog in charge of them. The wolf, whom the sheep knew as Eater, although she had no real name, came to the sheep one day. The sheep were grazing, and had left Dog responsible for keeping watch over them. Eater caught Dog unawares and clamped down on Dog’s throat until Dog stopped breathing. Pig and the other sheep did not know what to do while Eater settled in to make a meal of Dog. Perhaps the farmer would come with his loud stick and chase Eater away. Perhaps Eater would eat the sheep once she had finished with Dog. Pig wished he was as smart as Dog.