God of the Island

The giant stone head at the top of the beach opened its mouth and breathed on the island. Grasses grew and rabbits hopped. A fox feasted on the rabbits and danced under the full moon. Trees grew, dropping coconut, mango, fig. Geese rode the wind to the island while sea turtles clambered onto the shore to dig nests for their eggs. The giant stone head fell asleep and did not see the man in his canoe. The man cut down the trees to make a hut. The rabbits died. The fox disappeared. The geese flew away. The turtles returned to the sea. When the sun rose, the grass withered. The giant stone head awoke but could not weep. It did not know how.

“You are the god of this island,” said the man. “And yet you do nothing.”

When the stone did not answer, the man pushed his canoe into the water and paddled away, leaving the silent stone.