Take Your Pick

“Like I said on the phone, I’m not much for cars.” Terrance shrugged his shoulders underneath his beige trench coat. He removed his fedora and brushed off the dampness of the evening rains. 

“Oh quite all right. Really. This isn’t so much about the car as it is about your comfort. Some find resting in familiar surroundings to be comforting at a time like this. Big decision and all.” The attendant smiled encouragingly. “Perhaps if you looked at a few, took one or two out for a test drive, you might find just the right fit.”

“Drive one? That’s allowed? To drive one around like a common car or something?” Terrance raised his eyebrows. 

“But of course. All of our vehicles are in perfect working order. Why you could even drive it straight through to your final destination if you wished.”

“Would that be safe? Driving and all? I wouldn’t want to be a hazard to anyone.” Terrance removed his coat. “Seems a bit warm to me.”