Both of Them, in This Case

At his last session he tells his counselor that they’ve had something of a breakthrough, that he was watching a show on Netflix, one of those original series with a group of misunderstood misfits and there’s lots of secrets and mystery they have to unravel, when she, his wife that is, not the counselor who happens to be a man, not that that’s relevant, she joins him on the couch and the cuddle without talking to each other, no expectations, no shoes thrown, no recriminations, and when the show is over, she returns to her room for the night, and he to his; to which the counselor asks a series of questions about intentions and interpretations, and the answers are all optimistic and filled with promising progress; all of which is untrue as he, the man seeing the counselor, not the man who is the counselor, doesn’t have a wife; he, the man again, not the counselor man, doesn’t want to disappoint the counselor and so makes up long involved stories to tell the counselor to make him, the counselor this time, feel productive and satisfied in his work.