Fraudulent Author

I have to admit that I’m a fraud. Well, sort of. I wrote this one book, but I never sent it in. Instead, I take it around to different critique groups. I’ll stay for as long as it takes me to read through the whole thing, take the sage advice of the group, make a few changes, then I’ll find a new group. It’s tricky though because sometimes I’ll run across people I’ve met in another group. They go to several groups or switched groups or whatever, and I’m embarrassed when they remember me and my book. They’ll even comment on the same things they did last time, or even on the parts they corrected. I don’t know. It just seems like a lot of work to be a professional writer. Besides, all books are mostly the same anyway, so if I’ve written one, and it has an audience, do I really need any more than that? Can any writer ask for more than that? Maybe someday I’ll tell one of the critique groups what I’ve done, or that the truth of it is, I stole the book from a friend of mine. Yep. He showed it to me and I made a copy for myself. So there you have it. My one book isn’t even mine. So sue me I guess. It’s not like I’m making any profit on it anyway. I just like spending time in small groups talking about writing.


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