Morning Routine

-hey, pumpkin, rise and shine. time to get up.

=do I have to?

-yes, honey, you do. time to get ready for school.

=is mommy up?

-no hun, not yet.

=is she going to get up today?

-we’ll see. now it’s time for you to get up.

=if mommy doesn’t has to get up, I don’t has to either.

-you sound very determined.

=yes I am. I don’t want to get up today.

-how about we go see mommy. would you like that? would you get up for that?


-I think she’s like to see you today. maybe that would cheer her up.

=okay, but then I want to go back to bed and stay in bed all day like mommy.

-we’ll see. maybe you could have a waffle for breakfast.

=with bacon? I like bacon.

-me too, honey. me too.