Meeting The Goddess

He pined for her, mostly in the lunchroom. That’s because they weren’t in any classes together, he being a freshman and she being a senior. High school just wasn’t fair. But at lunchtime, when they were in the same room together, he imagined walking up to her, confident and suave, sharing some witty banter, then casually asking her out for a date, a movie perhaps, or an elegant candle-lit dinner. Oh how he wished his goddess-appointed would notices him, her most devoted acolyte. So his fantasy played out one day, as he walked along with his plastic lunch tray filled with random bits of unidentified proteins and carbohydrates. He found himself following her through the maze of tables, and stopped short as she set her tray down and sat, noticing him for perhaps the very first time ever. His lungs collapsed, his jaw clamped shut, his eyes threatened to pop out of his skull, and his entire body went numb.

She blinked at him. “Yes?”

One word. His heart began pounding against his ribcage, and in a panic, he turned to flee, only to run smack into the largest football player he’d ever seen in his life, sending the contents of both their trays into a magnificent fountain of slow-motion nearly edible substances. He scrambled to pick up the pieces of food as the footballer shook his head.

And the goddess? What else could she do? When he, mortified, glanced back at her all he could see was the loveliest of smiles. Was she laughing at him, or, grasping at straws, did she find his actions amusing and worthy of her further attention? He found hope, provided he survived the wrath of the footballer.