Spider and Ant

One day, Spider decide to have a talk with Ant.

“Ant!” yelled Spider, for he was sure Ant was hard of hearing, else how could he stand to live with so many siblings. “I would talk with you.”

“As you wish,” Spider said. “But do not shout. I can hear you quite well.” Any wriggled his antennae as if to show Spider how well he could hear.

“Why are you so busy?” asked Spider.

“We must collect food,” said Ant. “Winter is coming and we do not wish to starve.”

“I can show you another way,” said Spider. “Come closer. I have something to show you. Come. See. I have a way of gathering food for all winter, and all winters to come.”

Ant dropped the seed he was carrying and stepped closer to Spider to see what Spider had to show him. Ant soon became entangled in Spider’s web.

“Help me!” shouted Ant. “I am caught in your web!”

“Ah, now you see what I wished to show you.” Spider scurried down the guide line of his web, biting Ant and wrapping him up in silky thread. “You see, if you wait in one place long enough, and you are sly enough, instead of racing here and there in search of food, your food may come to you.”