You’re The Best

“I showed Dad how to take photos with his phone the other day.”

“Nice. He’ll like that.”

“Yeah, well, that’s what I wanted to talk about.”

“There a problem?”

“Um, yeah. Turns out his neighbor called to complain that he’s been taking pictures of her.”

“What? That’s crazy.”

“That’s what I said, so I went over to see him and asked to check on his phone for him. He didn’t want me to look at it, so I made up an excuse about an update virus or something until he handed it over.”


“And yeah, he’s taking a lot of photos, like all around his house, the front door, the foyer, the living room, even the fridge.”


“And, yes, also of the neighbor. But not just the neighbor, everyone on his block. Not like he’s a peeping tom or something, just pictures of everyone when they’re outside, walking the dog or whatever.”


“I know, right? What do you think he’s up to?”

“I don’t know. Maybe he’s compensating.”

“Compensating for what? What would taking pictures have to do with that?”

“Maybe he’d trying to remember things and the pictures help.”

“Not this again. Dad is not senile. I won’t hear that.”

“Then you explain it.”

“I can’t. I want you to come over and talk to him. See if he explains anything to you. He likes you.”

“No. I don’t think so. He yells at me all the time now.”

“Oh come on. I’m over there almost every day. It’s your turn.”

“Look, I’ll come over, but I’m telling you, you aren’t going to like it.”

“Just come over, okay? We’ll worry about whatever it is after. Okay?”

“Sure, okay. I’ll stop over there tomorrow on my way home from work.”

“Thank you! You’re the best.”