The Book of Tomorrow

There is a book, with tomorrow writ upon its pages, and all the tomorrows there ever will be. This tome, leather bound and gilt edged, rests open in a glass case on a raised dais in the deep recesses of a labyrinthian cave. Each morning at dawn, the page turns to the next day, revealing what is to come. The words fade quickly, so you must be there as the day begins or risk missing the chance to see what will happen tomorrow. The entrance to the cave is guarded by a seraphim, with flashing sword of flame. You will never defeat the seraphim, and he will not let you enter the cave. Your task, effendi, is to find the secret way into the cave. And to do that, you must first visit with she who hides in the forest to the West. It is a long and dangerous journey. Are you certain you are prepared for such a quest as this?