Truth to the Rumor

The giant thought he’d lost her. Everywhere he looked, no sign of the blond hair or the gingham blue dress. He’d trapped her under the lid to the sugar bowl. He was certain she couldn’t have escaped from under that. Too heavy for one of the little ones, he was sure. Still, no village girl anywhere on the table, or under it, or anywhere else in his modest shack. She’d been snooping around for his gold. All the villagers down below told stories of his gold. Not a stick of truth. Well, maybe a gold coin or two. Perhaps a fork and a goblet, but nothing like the stories they told about him. No truth to the rumor he et people either. Although there was that one time when he’d accidentally sucked that farmer into his mouth when he’d taken a deep breath. By the time he’d crunched down on the farmer’s bones, well, there wasn’t anything more he could do about it. Shame to waste a tasty morsel like that. Now, where did she get off to then?