The Ant And I

The ant crawled along the carpet, its tiny black carapace glistened in the morning sunlight. I stepped in its path, blocking the wandering explorer. For a moment, I wondered if I should step on the ant, ending its pointless existence, a single cog in the hive mind, nothing unique or particularly significant, not even enough to consider it an individual, a toe-nail or the remains of a sneeze discarded in the trash. Would the exoskeleton pop under the smooth sole of my shoe loud enough for me to hear? Would I feel the cracking through my foot? Does a crushed ant smell like anything?

The ant and I considered each other, one creature to another. Taking the scale of our lives into account, were we really so different? Do I have a destination, a place in the hive of the world around me? The ant approached my shoe, probing with its antennae as if tasting me. I shifted my foot, set it down away from the ant and watched as it continued on its way.