Office Party Farewell Breakfast

I’m pretty sure that was an Oreo cookie disguised as a donut. At least, that’s what it seemed like, with the chocolate wafers crumbled on top and the frosting stuffing mixed with a chocolate and cream base for the filling of the donut. That says a lot about a guy who’s retiring and they think enough of him to get quality donuts for the retirement party instead of just the normal box of glazed donuts. Doesn’t do much for my diet and all, but how can you say no to an Oreo  cookie donut?

On another note, good luck to you on your next adventure, or whatever it is you’ll do now that you’re retired. I guess you’ll have plenty of time on your hands. Keeping busy is a good idea. Have you heard that a lot of people end up dying right after they retire? Hope that doesn’t happen to you. Never mind me. Go forth and do good, or something like that. Just remember, you’re worth an Oreo cookie donut to this place.