The Ants Strike Back

The ants marched into the house, through the crack in the north-side foundation wall, the expert route. While riskier, and potentially more dangerous should the sprinkler system suddenly turn on, it was the least patrolled and the ants judged it provided a greater chance of success and increased the element of surprise. In this campaign, the ants needed every advantage they could muster against the giant. The uneasy truce of winter, when the ants scarcely interacted with the brute, easily a hundred span of ants or more when laid end to end, did not last when the days grew longer and the new growth of spring increased the nest’s activity. To forage, the imperative they lived for. To eradicate them, the imperative the giant seemed set upon. Sprays, insecticides, even an attack by shovel had all but decimated the colony. Thus was hatched the desperate plan to bring the war to the enemy, invade his home and teach him a lesson.