“Did you know that the cost of the computer technology that sent a man to the moon, if you invested that in the right stocks, like Microsoft, Apple, Google, would be worth more now than the entire debt of the US Government?”

She looked at him, noticed the unkempt scruffy beard, the food-stained striped shirt, that appearance of hope on his face. Should she call him on it? Yell ‘BS’ and tear him apart? Reduce him to the emotional equivalent of a four-year-old? Did he get that from a quote on an internet messaging board?

“You’re cute, you know that?” she asked. “Now go get me another cup of coffee.”

He gleefully pattered off to the kitchen in search of coffee. She knew he didn’t know how to make it, but better to send him off on a task than to try to reason with his irrational side. And who knows? Maybe he’ll check that message board and find a how-to on using their coffee maker. Mister Coffee. That’s what she’ll call him, the pet name she’ll use when in public and introducing him to her friends.

Damn, where’s that coffee?