Omens and Feathers

After dropping off the kids at school, I eased my car onto the highway, more like a parking lot, and headed into work. Busy day ahead. Starts off with a run-through of the program presentation to the executive board of the steering committee. We’ve been working on this for four months, and Wilson has his app ready to go, so things should go well, but the run-through will show us any potential problems. Then there’s the logistics for the steering committee meeting itself, make sure lunch is on time, room is prepped. All the normal logistics. Where’s my phone? I need to send a text to Bryant on the room arrangement.


Shit, did I hit a car? No, not even close to the car in front of me. Car behind me? Nope. We aren’t even moving.


What the hell? Something hit the roof of my car. Another bang and I see a lifeless pigeon on the hood of my car. Birds are falling out of the sky, landing on all the cars around me, like a biblical plague of feathered proportion.

Can’t believe it, the idiot next to me is actually getting out of his car. Dude, dead birds are raining out of the sky! Get back in your car!

Crap, he just got hit and now he’s on the ground. Well I’m not getting out of my car to help him. Idiot!