As a new employee, you are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Unlimited use of water while on premises. You are not allowed to remove water from the premises and are expected to visit the lavatory prior to leaving. You will be subject to random blood tests to verify your level of hydration.
  • Unlimited use of electricity for powering company equipment only. You may not use electrical outlets for charging batteries for personal devices. Your electrical usage will be monitored.
  • Unlimited access to oxygenated atmosphere. As an employee, you will not be required to wear your own pressure suit, but can freely breath corporate air as long as you are on the premises. You may not, however, use corporate atmosphere to pressurize your personal suit prior to leaving the premises. You must bring your own recharge unit to pressurize your suit.
  • Other benefits may, depending on your employee classification, include but are not limited to: adequate work space, chairs or other furniture, access to company toilet paper or paper towels for drying hands, access to the company lunchroom, and workspace lighting.