Adversarial Example

She pursed her lips and lifted her chin to get a better look at her reflection in the mirror. Tapping the illuminated control, a grid appeared over her image.

“Show me target Barbara,” she said, and a series of glowing dots appeared on the grid. Carefully matching the dots, she dabbed the end of a marker, leaving a glistening spot that faded to invisible. Satisfied, she replaced the marker on the bathroom counter.

“Show me ultraviolet image,” she said, and the colors of the reflected image shifted, revealing the marker dots.

“Identify image.”

“You identify as Barbara Mansfield, CEO of EXOCorp LLC.” She frowned, not at the message, but at the voice, her own. I’m going to have to change that voice someday, she thought to herself for the umpteenth time.

“Image off,” she said. One last inspection to her satisfaction and she left the bathroom on her way to EXOCorp LLC headquarters. She had a appointment at 8:00 sharp and she’d worked way too long to worm her way into the secured building to waste the opportunity.