Three Candles

They light three candles to welcome in the new day. Around Noontime the first candles is extinguished to signify the end of the morning and the beginning of the evening. Food is cooked and shared and all have enough to eat. As nightfall, the second candle is extinguished to mark the end of the day. A bottle or two or three are opened and quickly dispatched in honor of those who came before, heroes of old, the ancients, and personal ancestors who watch over the village. The third candle is abandoned as everyone closes their doors and bars their windows as the light is left to burn itself out, which usually happens near the darkest portion of the night when the dead creatures come back to walk the streets, ready to devour any foolish enough to stay out. It is said that anyone who survivors the night will live in the eternity of the new day, but that is the talk of the old or very young, those prone to superstitious and the way of the sky.