“You are welcome.”

This is the phrase she uses, over and over as she walks up to random people on the street, the homeless, busy people on their way someplace important, people at the bus stop, those out walking a dog or taking time to relax at an outdoor cafe.

“You’re welcome.”

Instead of a normal greeting, hello, morning, how are you, or even ‘sup! she perseverates on the idea that everyone should be welcomed, even when she obviously isn’t home, like the grocer or a shop.

“You are most welcome.”

What’s strange to me, as I’ve listened to her through months and seasons and years, even been greeted by her many times, not that she’d remember, is the number of people who repeat the phrase back to her, as though voluntarily entering her strange obsession, compelled by her genuineness to acknowledge and condone.

“You are welcome.”


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  1. This fragment needs at least an additional segment, a destination or pivot, but this is all I’ve got for now. If you want to add your own in the comments, you are welcome to do so.

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