With the transit of Mercury came the revelation of another object, small by astronomical reckoning, roughly the size of an olympic pool, orbiting around the swift planet. Mercury was thought to have no natural satellite due to its proximity to the Sun, and speculation ran rampant regarding the genesis of this new mercurial moon, from a captured asteroid to volcanic action on the surface of the planet. Curiously absent from the public debate, that it was alien in nature, extra-solar, while true, garnered interest only in the basest of tabloids and speculative/conspiratorial blogs. When the object unfurled to ten times its original size, the alienness of it became obvious, but remained a curiosity. What was it doing? When the logarithmic expanse repeated itself after 40 days, and again 40 days later, eclipsing the size of its companion and becoming the fourth largest object in our solar system, well, by then it was too late. Another cycle of 40 and 40 and the object rivaled the Sun itself. Once more, and everything from the Sun to the Earth would be wholly consumed by the relentless eater.