Street Psychology

That’s Patty. Her territory is a couple blocks around the grocery store and over to the little park on 5th. She does good work, always professional, never aggressive, clean presentation, speaks coherently. “Hi, I’m your neighbor, Patty.” Got to love that smooth opening line, makes a connection even if the mark doesn’t want one. Then comes the story, well rehearsed, about losing her wallet or cellphone or something, which engenders sympathy. Then comes the pitch for cash, a small amount, like $10 or $5, which she promises to pay back double next week, but she needs it today or she’ll lose her lease. She even customizes it, like if the mark is walking a dog, she talks about a time she had a dog, but it died, or another dog that bit her, or if it’s a mom pushing a stroller, she talks about her niece or nephew, sad what they are going through with a single mom or cancer or something, really pushing the sympathy card. That’s Patty. Consulate pro, never steps on a brother’s territory, always leaves the mark feeling good about giving her money. Class act.