Rabbit Hole

He caught just a glimpse, a sparkle in the carpet. More glitter from the girls, he thought. As he stooped down and brushed at the fibers, he noticed the light was bigger than a square of glitter, and deeper, below the face, down in the warp and weft of the base. He spread the top layer to expose the source, and found it went deeper, shining up from beneath the underlaying mat, through a hole, a crack. Pulling out his knife, he cut away at the fibers, the cushion, and started digging into the wood, enlarging the crack, exposing more and more light. Too slow, this will take forever, he thought, and so he retrieved an ax from the tool shed out back and continued the job with renewed vigor. Before long, he’d opened a portal large enough for his hand, and he reached down, into the bright light, and the light enveloped him, changed him, and he fell, down and down, deeper into the light until all of him subsumed beneath the world.