Good Citizen

“Announcement. Please listen to the following important announcement.”

The pleasant female voice continued over the emergency broadcast network. All speakers were now coopted by Central Communications and distributing the audio portion of the announcement, just as all screens displayed the appearance of a pleasant looking female speaking the announcement. We all stopped what we were doing and stared at our phones, stopped to view any advert screen, even the ever present blimps tethered overhead to keep watch over us and see that we were safe now became another display surface for the important announcement.

“It’s time, everyone, to do your duty. The enemy approaches and we must be strong.” We’ve heard this before, and know that after reminding us of our impending doom, we must report to the lottery centers to receive our chits and wait for the next drawing. By now, most of us have stopped believing that there even is an enemy. We’ve never seen them, not in person anyway, just old footage, the same old footage, that gets run over and over again. Still, some people, those with weak minds, can’t stand the constant pressure of conscription. Like that fellow over there, who’s now running down the street. I lock my gaze back on the screen and focus on the message. I don’t need to watch as he panics and runs into people, nor do I need to look for the police as they relentlessly track him down and beat him into submission before hauling him directly to a lottery center where he will be issued a ‘winning’ ticket putting him at the top of the list of new conscripts. No, I will be a good citizen and wait until the announcement is finished and then patiently wait in line for the lottery dispenser with all the other sheep.