Lilly and Lily

One day Lilly met Lily. Lilly was sure she had seen this other girl before, maybe in the mirror or reflected in a storefront window, but this time, Lily wasn’t in a reflection, Lily was in her room. Lilly knew right away who it was because Lily looked very much like Lilly, except Lily had very straight hair. Sometimes Lilly wished she had hair like that too, but she didn’t. Her hair was short, and not as long as Lily’s.

Lily said mean things about Lilly, about how her hair was short, and that she was short, and that no one liked her. Lilly said that wasn’t true, but Lily kept saying mean things until Lilly pulled the sheet back over her head and refused to come out even when her mother told her there was no one else in the room. Lilly could still hear Lily’s voice in her head.

It wasn’t until Lilly fell asleep and woke up again that she decided it was okay to get up, but she wished as hard as she could that Lily would not come back again. She did not like those mean words.