Who Left the Water Running?

The swamp spread, eventually covering the decaying remains of his body. Oh well, it had been a good body while it lasted, he thought. Too bad those things wear out. Of course, the car accident didn’t do much to help the situation, or the exploding gas tank after the car hit that tree that wasn’t there, he swore it wasn’t there, right before he hit it. Maybe if he’d been paying more attention instead of texting. Doubtful though the outcome would have changed. The swamp had made up its mind: grow grow grow! with all the extra water from the recent floods, and the lack of drainage in these parts, terrific habitat for gators, the swamp would not be denied. His role as a supreme being, minor sect, responsible for climate and weather (the committee said to keep them separate, but did anyone listen? Oh, no!) answered the great question of just how far he could rise before he outstripped is abilities. Not very, as it turned out. Also turns out that if you don’t turn off the tap, the water keeps a’coming. Now with his demise, the swamp was sure to continue its rapid expansion, at least until the committee could meet to put forth a new nominee for the post. Maybe this time they’ll pick two instead of one, he thought, the last of his recognizable thoughts as the body, loosened by the encroaching swamp, floated on the water right over to a particularly hungry gator who obligingly chomped and feasted on his head and torso.