Lilly and the Dream

One day, Lilly didn’t wake up because a dream was holding her tight. That wasn’t nice of the dream, and Lilly told the dream to stop being mean and to let her go, but still Lilly didn’t wake up. The dream held her arms down, so she couldn’t float away, or reach out and pinch the dream. The dream put glue on her shoes so she couldn’t run away either. Lilly couldn’t breathe. Lilly couldn’t see. Lilly couldn’t hear anything either, but she could feel the dream squeezing her.

Lilly wriggled, first one way, and then another, like a worm, and she started moving forward, to a cool spot where she could bite, so she bit the dream, and the dream screamed. The dream said that was mean, and let Lilly go. Lilly did not mind that the dream thought she was mean. Lilly was glad to be awake. If it happened again, Lilly promised herself she would bite the dream. She was glad she had strong teeth and that the dentist even said so. Lilly took extra care when she brushed her teeth that day, and also the next night.