Lilly’s Ma

One day Lilly woke to find her Da had gone to work and her Ma had stayed home. Usually it was the other way round, with Ma going to work at the TV station in the morning, and her Da home to take care of her in the morning and driving his delivery truck around in the evening. Lilly’s parents worked two jobs ‘to keep a roof over their heads’.

Things got off to a rocky start when Ma burned the toast and set off the fire alarm. Lilly and Ma took turns swatting at the alarm with a broom to try to knock it off the ceiling so they could turn it off. Finally they did, but by then the scrambled eggs didn’t look so appetizing with bits of broom bristles and dust from the ceiling. Breakfast ended up in the compost bin while Lilly fixed herself a bowl of cold cereal. Ma cried at the breakfast table and Lilly asked her why. “I just wanted to be a good ma for you,” said Lilly’s Ma.

Lilly hugged her Ma and told her she was a good Ma, and that she like seeing her Ma’s name on the TV in the credits at the end of the show. Nobody else at school could say that about their Ma. They hugged, and Ma promised lunch would be better. Pizza delivery made sure of it.