Yéigo Cougars!

That moment, when you are a high school basketball game against the main rival, and you’ve found this great seat up at the top of a ‘Swedish Ladder’ fixed to one wall so you can get a view of the entire gym, when the score is close, time is running out, and when the whistle blows to call a foul, and you don’t understand the sport as well as the rest of the crowd, and so you clap, and then you realize you are the only one clapping because the foul was on the home team, and then you also realize that since you can see everyone, when they all turn to you, and they do, they can all see you; oh, and by the way, to make things even better, you are the only one of your skin color in the entire room. Yeah, that moment. You better shout a cheer for the home team, and make it loud and proud!