The Measure of The Man

The measure of the man is thirty-seven. He will, throughout his life, face thirty-seven trial. As a child he must learn to walk and talk and think. As a young boy he must learn to behave with others, be patient, and to discern right from wrong. As he grows older, he must learn to love others, to be loved, and to love himself. There will be tasks he must perform, to provide and protect, to lead and to be led. Some of these trials must be learned and relearned as he sometimes forgets himself, stumbles, and learns to start again, gaining wisdom and accomplishing one more of his trials. In the end, as he looks back over all he has done, his final trial awaits, that of acknowledging the prior thirty-six and accepting that his time is done, and embracing the final transition where there are no more trials, only rest and reflection.