Bank of Abdullah

The bank is supposed to be a place you can trust with your money. Not so the Bank of Abdullah. At least, that’s what all of Abdullah’s neighbors and friends think. They all keep their money, at least that money they keep in the bank, with a legitimate brick-and-mortar building with an actual safe, and where they lock the doors at night. Abdullah does not lock his doors, and has no safe. He also has no money on deposit. He does, however, own the piece of paper that shows he is registered with the government as a bank, entitled to all of the responsibilities and opportunities of any other bank. Oh, he may have exaggerated a bit when filing the paperwork, but he never really expected anyone to take him seriously anyway. Mostly, he wanted to get back at his own banker for not loaning him the money he needed to fix up the floor in his modest one-room house. For that insult, he thought he could do better and so set up his own bank. There is a sign over the entrance to his house and everything. The entrance, by the way, has no door since he spent everything he had to fix the floor which didn’t leave him with enough for to replace the door. No door explains why Abdullah never locks the bank.