One Pixel

One pixel glowed white amidst a sea of dark colors. He smudged his finger against the glass surface to no affect. Dabbing the tip of his finger against his tongue, he tried again, smearing the whiteness into a larger blob. He pulled his sleeve up over his hand and made a fist to wipe away the smear. The whiteness spread further, now covering a grapefruit sized blob. The blob grew, dripping downward and crawling upward at the same time. The whiteness clung to his cuff, his hand, began eating its way up his arm. He shook his hand, tipping over his chair as he stood. The whiteness sprayed around the room, glowing daubs that converted the walls, the ceiling, the floor. The man, eyes wide, throat collapsing, scrambled into a corner, grasped and threw anything he could find at the whiteness, a shoe, a pencil, a book, mug. He tore his shirt off, exposing the whiteness that beat inside his chest, consuming him, digesting him into a glowing star.