A Journey Starts With a Single Decision

When you take two of these stones, and stack one on the other, it doesn’t matter which is on top and which is on the bottom, but they must be stacked in such a way that only one is touching the ground, then you may imitate the balance you see in the stones, with only one foot, it doesn’t matter which one, as long as only one foot is supporting the rest of the body. If you choose the smaller stone to rest on the larger, you will be seen as lazy. If you choose the larger stone to rest on the smaller, you will be seen as aggressive. You must choose, in spite of the impressions others will have of you. There is a third option, not to stack the stones at all, in which case, you will be seen as indecisive and impotent. Look for those who wish to judge you, not for what order you have placed the stones, but for the fact that you chose, and in choosing, your journey has begun. These observers are the ones to help you on your journey.