Doesn’t Count

Did you ever have a dream where you couldn’t do something, like say the word you were supposed to know but couldn’t say it, or move your feet like they always move but you can’t get them to respond? Stuff like that. Like drooling and you can’t stop it. Like having a stroke and the world is crashing in on you only it’s really just a dream so it doesn’t count. When you wake up, you have to check though, just in case you weren’t dreaming, because, well, you never really know when you’re dreaming. I mean, I know when I’m dreaming, but the realistic dreams, the ones that tweak one small thing about the world, or my place in it, like am I having a stroke or not, you just can’t take chances on something like that. You have to check. I had to check, when I woke up. I’m pretty sure I woke up anyway. That’s another twist, waking up into a dream. So you’re still dreaming, buy in the dream you woke up. Stuff that happens there doesn’t count either. At least, I hope not.