In A Hurry

The line of skeletons stretched nearly to the end of the block. “What’s all this?” asked one particularly decrepit set of bones, most teeth missing, strips of tattered cloth randomly strewn about his decaying carapace, a few fingers and toes noticeably absent, a stray spider web in place of an empty eye socket.

“Get in line, we’re all here ahead of you,” said another skeleton, this one short, thick boned.

“I’m not waiting for all of you to get a travel visa. I’ve got an important appointment in the living world. Out of my way!” The decrepit one pushed the short stack to one side and promptly found himself smashing into the ground as the short skeleton had kicked out a short leg bone and tripped him up. Before he could react, the decrepit one ended up as a pile of assorted bones all out of order. If he had any nerves left, that would have hurt.

“Appoint this,” said the short one as he kicked the decrepit skull down the street where it came to rest in the gutter just as the skeleton of a dog came along to relieve itself, as much as a skeleton can, of the disheveled cranium.