The Whale

I saw a cloud yesterday that looked like a whale. Or maybe it was a whale that looked like a cloud. I’m not sure since I could have been upside down at the time, and the water was so blue and still. Of course, you could ask when does the ocean ever hold still, and I’d have to tell you that there is no ocean around here, so obviously it must have been a lake. To which you would ask, what was a whale doing in a lake. I have to admit, I’m a little puzzled by that myself. Maybe someone brought it home as a pet when it was very small, but it quickly outgrew the tub, and then the pool in the back yard, and they let it go in this lake. I hope they had a ceremony when it first splashed in the water and swam away. I hope they gave it a name and come back each anniversary of its release and call out to it and it swims up to them and spouts water at them in recognition. I hope it is a freshwater whale because that would be very important for a whale living in a lake. I hope a lot of things, but mostly I hope you and the whale are both very happy.