Ant Knowledge

The weight of all the people in the world is about the same as the weight of all the ants in the world, or so I’m told, but how do we really know those numbers? Did someone go out and count all the ants and weigh each one of them, struggling to keep track of the weighed and the unweighed, dabbing a bit of color on the backs of those already accounted for? Doesn’t that dab of paint skew the numbers? Or is this all a big guess, or estimate, if you prefer, based on some numbers that were based on other numbers, run through a number cruncher, several number crunchers in succession?

What I’d like to know, is what to do with this knowledge now that I have it. I’d like to think there are super powers somewhere in there, but I’m not seeing it. At least, no yet. What I fear, is that this all turns out to be a colossal joke played on us by the computers, that they think it is funny to throw random bits of information out there just to see how we twist and turn trying to accommodate the knowledge in our limited organic processors. Either way, I’m still betting the ants win in the end, all other things being more or less equal.