Late One Night

He flicked the cigarette butt out into the vast parking lot. The remaining ember glowed in the darkness under the burned out street light. “He’s late,” eyes scanning the road leading to the shopping center.

“He’ll be here,” said the smaller one. “He’s got the same route every night and he gets here when he gets here. Should be any minute now.”

“He’d better show soon, or you’re screwed.” He poked a finger into the smaller man’s chest. “And you’d better be right about what he’s carrying. You owe me. And I’m collecting tonight, one way or another.”

“He’ll be here, he’ll be here,” said small. “Give him time.”

The both heard the diesel engine, a semi pulling a long trailer all lit up light an alien Christmas tree. The big rig deftly traversed the lot in a graceful arc, giving a pneumatic blast to brake, then backed into the loading dock.

“Let’s get to work,” said big, cuffing small on the back of his head.